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CNC machine tool operation methods and precautions

When using the machine, we will have a sequence of operations, and there are still some places to pay attention to during the operation, then what are the methods and precautions in the process from startup to shutdown?
1, boot: should be checked before starting, with or without lubricant. Turn the main power switch to ON and press the NC system power ON switch on the main operation panel. After the system starts, cancel the emergency stop, press the reset button (RESET), then adjust the mode selection switch to the home position return position and press the three-axis home position return key (A.REP) until the XYZ three axes are zeroed and the boot is completed.
2, pre-processing inspection: After the machine is connected to the power supply, you must carefully check the machine for any abnormal conditions.
3. Fixing the workpiece: carefully clean the armor of the machine to prepare the armored workpiece, confirm the armor according to the shape and processing method of the workpiece, and confirm the actual size of the workpiece according to the processing drawings. After the machine is started, the burr on the workpiece should be removed first by using a file or other tools; then the correct surface is found to make the workpiece flat; after the table is better, the center of the workpiece should be found according to the actual situation. Then copy the number of center coordinates to the workpiece coordinate system of the machine.
4. Processing: The input program starts processing.
5. Processing is completed: After the input program is processed, the Z axis of the machine will be raised to a certain height and the spindle (Z axis) of the machine will stop rotating, and the axes of the machine will stop running. Carefully check the location of the program for the presence or absence of overcutting and cutting knives and the light is too thick.
6. Checking the workpiece: After the workpiece is finished, the workpiece should be inspected for the overall appearance, workpiece size and other aspects of the processing requirements. After all the confirmations are correct, you can get off the machine.
7. Unloading the workpiece: After confirming the completion of the machining, the workpiece can be unloaded. After the workpiece is processed, there can be no more scratches and scratches. Therefore, different methods should be used flexibly for different workpieces, and it is safe and reasonable to ensure personal and professional. The safety of the workpiece.
8. Cleaning the machine: When there are more iron filings and other debris on the machine, you need to clean the machine. When cleaning the machine, use soft materials such as brooms or wooden sticks to clean the debris left in the machine without cleaning the machine with tools such as iron bars or air guns.
9. Shutdown: The machine can be shut down after the machine is cleaned. In special cases (such as thunder), the machine should also be turned off. When shutting down, first move the XYZ three axes to the middle position, stop the coordinate axes, spindles, etc., then press the emergency stop switch, NC system power OFF switch, electric control cabinet power switch and voltage regulator switch in turn, and close the machine. Protective door.

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